Hannah Breitschädel


Hannah co-founded pod in 2008, in order to improve the choices available to those who rely on affordable homes. A consultant since 2004, Hannah has delivered project management and interim management services to RP and Local Authority clients in addition to co-ordinating bids and advising on procurement and strategic project implementation.

She has coordinated regeneration master-plans, implemented, procured and managed decent homes programmes, as well as supported, written and co-ordinated new business bids for clients including Southern Housing Group, Genesis and Gallions HA. She has also advised on, and managed, EU compliant procurement for Frameworks.

A talented bid-writer, Hannah is at her happiest producing a masterpiece against the clock. She also has a knack for un-sticking problem schemes.

Hannah’s passion is regeneration, and the process of transformation that is inherent within it. She is a tenacious problem solver who rises to complex challenges and thrives on getting the job done.

“What I find most-satisfying is solving the problem that nobody else can solve, seeing the way through, finding the solution to something complex that people have struggled with for some time.”

In the private sector, Hannah worked as the head of community partnerships for a property and services management agency responsible for growth and new initiatives before joining a multinational research agency as associate director to lead their national housing research practice.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Hannah worked for several growth-focussed, high achieving RSLs.

Her strong commercial awareness and experience allows her to deal with disputes, understand what she is dealing with and stand her ground whenever necessary.

Without doubt, her sense of humour comes in very useful, and being able to get on well with people goes without saying. When she does take time for a breather, Hannah is a keen traveller, seeking out adventures and practising her Spanish along the way.

Hannah Breitschädel

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Hannah Breitschädel

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