Matt Carroll


Matt co-founded pod in 2008 with one goal in mind: to run a company intimate and flexible enough to deliver stunning projects to a wide range of clients. Matt’s area of speciality lies in financial analysis and strategy, as well as writing financial reports, toolkit production and affordability research.

He is a firm believer that pod can lead the way in this rapidly-changing housing sector, and in doing so make life easier for their clients, hence the development of ground-breaking models and toolkits such as podplan.

“By being in control of our own destiny in these times of ups and downs, we are able to set the standard of how things could be done now and in the future. By moving with the times, we can react to changes, and this puts us ahead of the game.”

Matt has worked in social housing since completing his degree in 1996. Before pod, Matt delivered numerous complex and high quality development projects from acquisition to completion, as well as commercial development. He now works as a consultant, delivering bespoke financial analysis, research, project management and interim management services to RSL and Local Authority clients in addition to co-ordinating bids and advising on procurement and strategic project implementation.

In addition to his financial flair, Matt is highly effective at land acquisition, assembly and problem solving. He has carried out strategic and performance reviews, advised and managed OJEU Framework procurement processes and undertaken a series of rigorous and detailed options appraisals for a local authority. Having been involved in a great deal of work in London’s East End over the last few years, Matt is well acquainted with the complexities of large-scale regeneration projects and the importance of effective resident liaison.

A gifted team leader and people manager in all areas of this sector, Matt is flexible with ideas as well as adept at seeing the bigger picture. He has a real strength in delivering presentations and explaining complex ideas in a simple coherent way.

“It helps to be focused in this line of work. You need to be a bit like a dog with a bone when it comes to getting things done.”

Matt lives in Kent with his wife and two children. The exploits of his dogs, Eddie and Billy, provide him with the perfect antidote to the stresses of commuting.

Matt Carroll

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Matt Caroll

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